You’ve done it! You’ve selected your suite, picked out your colour palette and created something beautiful and unique to your big day. However we also feature a beautiful range of luxury added extras to add further depth and wow-factor to your selections. These options, as unique to you as your chosen suite are the perfect way to frame your celebration as a personality-driven, luxury event. Whether aiming for a minimalist aesthetic, framing your stationery with gorgeous gilt edging or going to town with endless extras, each option can be personally selected for maximum impact and an effortlessly stylish appeal.


As previous blog posts may indicate, we are H U G E fans of all things handwritten here, which is why adding modern calligraphy to your stationery suite could be the perfect way to wow your guests. Whether selecting expertly calligraphed envelopes for instant impact, or choosing hand-penned name cards and seating charts as a finishing touch to guide your guests to their seats at your celebrations, we can’t get enough of this truly personal detailing, a firm favourite with both ourselves and our ever-stylish clients!


Who could resist the finishing touch of gloriously gilded edges? Not us, that’s for sure! Adding another element to your suite with this perfect finishing touch announces luxury in a subtle, assured and confident way, with glimmers of gold catching the eye from every angle. Gilded edges also allows the true depth and thickness of each hand selected board to speak for itself – a truly tactile, luscious extra and an absolute favourite in our studios.


If you’re searching for utter fabulousness, may we strongly suggest foil envelope liners? As far as finishing touches go, these could be our winners. Completely hand cut and folded, these beauties can also be created to your colour theme, tying your style together perfectly. Adding both weight and serious impact, this unique inserts will become a guaranteed talking point and set the standard for some seriously stylish nuptials.


We say when going for foil, a smooth and stylish look is key for creating a beautiful, cohesive feel. Foil envelope printing further cements the idea of this aesthetic and adds to the immediate impact your invitations will have when they fall onto your guests’ doormats. Alternatively, we also love the idea of incorporating foil envelope printing onto your RSVP invitations, meaning each reply becomes a beautiful surprise for you to open in the run up to your big day.


There’s some serious beauty in classicism and never before has “adding your own stamp” on something been more relevant. Wax seals have seen a welcome renaissance of late; think of the excitement of breaking through such a tactile, luxury seal. With many couples opting for stylish monograms as their symbols of choice- what better way to signify your commitment than perfectly intertwined initials?


We relish versatility within luxury stationery elements and personalised stickers can be used across multiple platforms to create a truly bespoke “wedding brand” – a recognisable impact for your guests to appreciate on many elements featured within your celebrations. Whether used as envelope seals, placed across favours or added to our newest obsession, personalised wedding sparklers (yes, we do have them and yes, they are as gorgeous as they sound), personalised stickers only help to enhance the personality and individuality of your day.

To discuss options with regards to any of our luxury extras, or if you have ideas of elements you wish to add to your suite, please contact our team who are more than willing to discuss calligraphy, wax seals and such like all day (seriously, we love what we do and would happily discuss it at all times!) All of our luxury extras can be sourced in house, taking away the inevitable stresses and strains of further supplier sourcing and leading to a seamless delivery of your perfect stationery suite.





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