Cheryl & Alec – The Asylum, London

It’s a new year, which can mean only one thing… Aside from the whole new year, new me movement, each and every new annum brings along the opportunity for a fresh start, which, for me, means the joy of a new notebook. And this year, my first scribblings reflect notes on a most amazing celebration which took place in the late summer sun of last year… The wedding of Cheryl and Alec.

Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-69-web Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-92 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-136 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-76 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-114 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-119 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-189 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-192 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-210 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-216

Few venues set our pulses racing more than the exquisite, Grade II listed Asylum Chapel in Peckham, London. Picture gorgeously gothic decaying chapel walls, peppered with bygone crypts and bathed in a kaleidoscope of light through the stained glass windows. Surviving a WWII blitz blast only adds to the charm and unique atmosphere of this coveted London venue.

So imagine our joy at viewing the amazing images captured by Nottinghamshire-based photographer Ed Godden of Cheryl and Alec’s stunning nuptials in late summer of last year. We have been dying to share every beautiful detail; from the bride’s stunning art deco emerald engagement ring and the vintage-inspired silk gown she chose, to the couple’s marvellous venue selections (the refurbished, industrial lines of Trinity Buoy lighthouse, where the couple held their reception provided the most beautiful juxtaposition to the romantically ruined Asylum).

Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-278 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-287 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-298 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-315 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-343 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-366 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-380 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-398 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-440 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-455 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-473

Can we also take a second (although we advise more, as it is truly worth it) to admire the wedding transport? After saying “I do” in front of a beaming selection of family and friends, the couple added a touch of glamour by taking a trip down the Thames in a chartered luxury sightseeing boat for two (complete with champagne on ice and an array of exceptional photo opportunities!)

Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-506 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-514

“I love stationery, so this was always going to be a big area for me.”

Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-564 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-579 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-581 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-630 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-649

Of course, we were truly delighted to work with such a wonderful couple and must mention their stunning stationery choices; the couple’s eponymous Cheryl suite in beautiful blush and rose gold hues to announce their celebration to guests. Their wedding also featured several details created here in our studios, from menus to name tags, with romantic yet robust marble backgrounds to mirror the industrial feel of their chosen setting.

Our lovely bride had this to say over on Love My Dress about her wonderful stationery choices,

“I love stationery, so this was always going to be a big area for me. In fact I found it so hard to choose and to design that we ended up sending our invites out later than planned. We worked with the wonderful EYI Love in Glasgow, to design and print the stationery. We wanted something simple and elegant and also personal so we used the shape of my engagement ring as a motif and then rose gold foiling on a blush coloured board. 

The invites were foil edged. I’ve always loved modern calligraphy and I wanted to use the skills I’d acquired through the workshop at Quill to good use so I wrote the addresses and names in calligraphy. A great idea, but come guest #175 a little time consuming. It was worth it from the reaction we got and I really believe that you set the tone and style for the whole wedding with the aesthetic and the words you use on your stationery.”

We wanted it to be beautiful, but not too traditional or formal, so people would be relaxed and well informed before coming to join us. I grouped the invite and the rsvp card with neon ribbon in the envelope and then I also ordered a wax seal with C+A in a sans serif font which we sealed with white wax to keep it fresh and modern. For the RSVP envelope I had a stamp made which had our names in calligraphy and our address is an sans serif font by Megan Riera Lettering, which I printed in neon pink too.

We also tracked down stamps that had bees on them (keeping with Alec’s love of bees and nature) from Royal Mail and then used them too.”

Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-650 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-657 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-672 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-678 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-721

We wanted it to be beautiful, but not too traditional or formal, so people would be relaxed and well informed before coming to join us. I grouped the invite and the rsvp card with neon ribbon in the envelope.”

Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-768 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-821 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-875 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-881 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-886 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-1032 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-1033 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-1063 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-1064 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-1165 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-1176 Cheryl_and_Alec_wedding-1182

We were truly honored to be a small part of Cheryl and Alec’s big day, the spirit of which was captured to utter perfection by multi award winning wedding photographer Ed Godden. We would love to wish the happy couple a life filled, as their choice of stationery suggests, with endless love and appreciation for each other.


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