Brides The Show 2017 Roundup

What a few weeks!! Summer in all its glory is always a little bit crazy here in the studio, with so many of our gorgeous couples tying the knot during this period. We’ve enjoyed a few fabulous family breaks and now the leaves are turning, our annual london pilgrimage has once again been and gone.

I can’t believe it has been a couple of weeks since we packed up and headed down to the capital! Brides The Show always has such an incredible atmosphere and plays host to some of the UK’s most stylish couples so we always have an amazing time, and this year was absolutely no different.

Our neighbours at the show were Storyett Photography, Palmbrokers, (so much goodness!!) Jo Malone, St Pancras Hotel and Amie Bone Flowers. All LOVELY and helped to make our show experience so much fun. St Pancras were so excited to see the Lana Invite we had with us as we had recreated their gorgeous hotel in foil form for a celebration that has just taken place there ( M A S S I V E congratulations Sophie & Eelcho!)

Each exhibitor at the show really is a trailblazer and expert within their field, giving attending couples the best in expertise and information. With such incredible teams to hand, it’s no wonder this show was one of the busiest we’ve seen.

The buzz surrounding our stall had us in rapture all weekend and we met some truly lovely people with some incredible and individual ideas. As creatives, showing our products to potential clients is immeasurably important, as it allows us to expand our range and learn about trends from those who truly set them.

It’s always hard to pick favourites; I always find we leave Brides The Show reinvigorated and filled with so many new ideas thanks to the wonderful people that surround us for the three days. However, recapping over coffee, we’ve managed to pick a few names that completely blew us away this year!

Jo Malone: Where do we start! We spent a lot of our weekend spritzing and scenting our invitations with several of their iconic scents. One of our incredible brides is using the Jo Malone range to set the tone for her entire celebrations – how amazing!! I’m not sure if I can think of anything better than Jo Malone candles everywhere and opening an invitation to their utterly gorgeous scents… A future collaboration? Oh yes, more of these please sir!

As a textile designer, I can’t help but have my head turned when fabulous fashions are on show… Several of this year’s dress designers had me slowly reaching for my credit card and thinking of vow renewals…

I ADORE Kate Halfpenny and everything she touches; her space was amazing, using edgy design with a touch of the industrial to create absolute perfection.(F Y I her NY Bridal collection has been popping up on my instagram feed this past week and it is slightly, perhaps entirely, game changing for future brides – definitely one to check out)

I have been a huge fan of the legend that is Giles Deacon since my days of textile design. I remember visiting his studio when I was a student and being completely in awe of his colourful and playful prints back then. I still adore his very British quirkiness and my only regret from the show was that I didn’t get a chance to chat to him! Fangirling would have definitely ensued, so maybe that was a lucky thing…

Charlie Brear was another designer whose collection had us in a daze. Her mix of beautiful, delicate embellishment and minimalist dreams – I adore!

If high quality stationery is important to you, an investment with E.Y.I.LOVE will be one of the best things you did in planning your wedding.

Brides is always such a fantastic place to meet new friends and find new businesses within this crazy and wonderful industry that inspire us. New friends for 2017 include The Ginstitute (killer name we know!), whose brilliant show ideas have made a lifelong fan of Jack, and beyond and a wonderful idea for Kids entertainment, The Little Top.

It was also lovely to catch up with some of our stationery buddies, Quill, Strawberry Sorbet and Leeming Brothers. We also had a fab night out on the Friday with Gill & Chris Currie from The Wedding Collective; what a fantastic weekend!

We cannot thank the Brides team enough for their continued support and encouragement. As always, their style and super smooth event management made for an incredible show, filled with smiling couples and truly incredible exhibitors; a testament to their leading status and continued place as a source of inspiration for brides across the globe. And to you, lovely Brides-to-be who came by and oggled over our stationery and chatted all thing pretty paper with us, THANK YOU. Especially the lovely, lovely Bride who ran up to tell me I was beautiful (you 100% made my day!)

Here’s to Brides, and here’s to all the beautiful weddings of 2018 and beyond!

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