Big changes…

So… we have something very exciting to let you all in on. Something that’s a pretty big deal for our wee family and of course, for e.y.i.love too!

It makes me nervous, even beginning to type this out, as if writing it makes its all the more real. Maybe it’s because we’ve been keeping it to ourselves for such a while now as things have taken shape or maybe it’s because it feels like only yesterday we were chatting dreams over a coffee in the garden one sunny lockdown morning and now we’re on the cusp of them becoming a reality.

In some ways it feels like the bravest and scariest thing we’ve ever decided to do together, yet at the same time, like the most natural and gentle steps our family have somehow been graced with the rhythm for. 

So, whilst things have been quiet on the “social” side of the business A LOT has been going on behind the scenes! We have sold up, we are following our hearts and are heading across the water for a life by the sea!!!

We will still very much be running E.Y.I.LOVE – so any couples who have booked with us – please do not worry. We’re not disappearing completely (just from the hustle of city life!) 

We are however going to be very mindful of how we run our business going forward, and there will be changes I’m sure. But these changes will affect us and our personal life way more than they will affect any of you, our lovely clients. We will potentially take on a lot less clients each year (we’re still working out the details of how this will all look, but this is only so we can give the best possible service to the clients we do have whilst having the work/ life balance we long for.)

The only real noticeable change for you guys will be the lack of access to our studio. Unless of course, you fancy the ferry ride over – and in that case, you will be more than welcome and the kettle will always be on for your efforts! But generally speaking, we will be having very limited consultations at the new (pink!!!) studio by the sea.

In replace of this we will be offering full and vastly improved E.Y.I. sample packs, Skype / Zoom consultations (because who doesn’t love a Zoom in 2020) and Covid permitting, we will make occasional appearances in the big cities but we will keep you all informed about that as and when!

And as for WHY?

Well, Lockdown was good for us. I know this wasn’t the case for everyone and this makes me almost hesitant to write how special it was for us. But the pause, the time to slow down, reflect and spend unlimited time with our children felt like a true gift.

It gave us the time we needed to really look at how we had been living and the workload we had been carrying. To truly think about how and what we want to teach our children whilst they are young enough to still want to spend all their time with us. We’d known for quite some time there was a bit too much of a juggle going on, but when your in the thick of it, it’s so hard to see how to stop.

And then 2020 happened. 

A curveball that no-one saw coming and all of a sudden, the whole world felt like a different place. It is a different place. Even as I write this, I do find it quite strange to  conclude that it took a national lockdown where our liberties were stripped away from us, to finally find a true freedom.

I remember posting about “being still” and realising we had no idea how to actually do that.

I remember right at the beginning of lockdown in March -designing prints and posting about “being still”  and realising we had absolutely no idea how to do that! By saying we would post new graphics each week – was completely counterintuitive to the very message we were so sure God had spoken to us and which we were trying to write about. We realised if we were going to share any more on this, we had better start learning how to do it ourselves.

And herein begins our great unlearning.

A journey we have embarked on and are in no way close to figuring out. But, a journey we are 100% committed to nevertheless. Where we are committed to the untangling of behaviours and thought patterns that go against this very notion. And where better to do this than by the sea?!

There is so, so much more I could write, so many wonderful moments, revelations and things I want to share about it all, but if truth be told, I don’t quite think I’m ready to. I’ve had such a break from the internet world, there are literal months to catch up on. So many of these moments still feel so sacred right now, like they in themselves are a gift straight from heaven, and I don’t know quite how to share them all yet. Plus, I have a whole house to pack up as we actually move this Friday!!! If ever there is a reason to get back in the present- it’s packing up your entire life contents, with three kids, when your city has just went back into partial lockdown!

Pray for us guys- we’ll need it this week!



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